What Are the Best Tools for UK Freelancers to Manage Project Timelines and Budgets?

In today’s digital economy, project management tools have evolved into indispensable solutions for freelancers. They streamline your work process, improve efficiency, and ensure you stay on track with your project timelines and budgets. But with so many tools available, which are the best for UK freelancers? Let’s delve into this topic and review the best options for managing your projects, tasks, and time effectively.

1. ClickUp: A Comprehensive Project Management Solution

ClickUp is a versatile project management tool that offers an array of features to help freelancers manage their tasks, projects, and time effectively.

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This tool is praised for its comprehensive features that accommodate various project management needs. From task management to time tracking, ClickUp is built to handle everything. It allows you to create tasks, sub-tasks, checklist items, and even attach documents or files to tasks. Its time tracking feature lets you monitor how much time you spend on a task or project, helping you manage your time better and stay within your project’s budget.

One of the standout features of ClickUp is its flexibility. It offers multiple ways of viewing tasks: List view for those who prefer a straightforward, linear view of tasks; Board view for a more visual, Kanban-style approach; and Box view for managers who want an overview of everyone’s tasks.

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Pricing for ClickUp starts at free with limited features, and premium plans start at $9 per user per month. This makes ClickUp an affordable option for freelancers, as you only pay for what you need.

2. Trello: A Visual Tool for Managing Projects

Trello is a popular project management tool known for its simplicity and visual appeal. It uses a board system where each project is a "board" and tasks are "cards" that move from one list (or column) to another as they progress.

Trello is excellent for freelancers who work visually and prefer a simple, intuitive system for managing tasks and projects. Its drag-and-drop interface makes managing tasks a breeze. You can create checklists within cards, attach files, and even designate a due date.

One caveat with Trello is that while it offers time tracking, it’s not built into the platform but available through third-party integrations. This might be a deal-breaker for some freelancers who want a tool that has time tracking as a native feature.

On the bright side, Trello offers a free plan that’s quite robust, and its premium plans start at $10 per user per month, which includes advanced features and integrations.

3. Asana: Task Management Made Easy

Asana is another powerful project management tool that freelancers can use to manage their tasks and projects efficiently. It offers a blend of features for task management, project management, and communication.

Asana’s main strength lies in task management. You can create tasks, assign them to yourself or team members, set due dates, and add descriptions or comments to tasks. You can also attach files to tasks, making it easier to keep all relevant project information in one place.

Asana offers different views for tasks, such as List view, Board view, and Calendar view. Its Timeline view is particularly helpful for freelancers managing complex projects, as it provides a visual timeline that shows how all tasks fit together and when they’re due, helping you stay on top of your project schedule.

Asana’s downside is that it doesn’t offer native time tracking. However, it does integrate with popular time tracking tools like Harvest. Asana offers a free plan and premium plans starting at $10.99 per user per month.

4. Basecamp: All-in-One Project Management and Communication Tool

Basecamp is an all-in-one project management and communication tool that’s well-suited for freelancers working with teams or clients. It combines project management features with communication tools, making it an excellent tool for managing projects and collaborating with others.

With Basecamp, you can create projects, add tasks (or "to-dos"), assign tasks, and set due dates. It also allows you to share files and documents, and all project-related communication happens within the tool, keeping your inbox clutter-free.

One unique feature of Basecamp is its Hill Charts, a visual method for tracking the progress of a project or task. It helps you visualize where things stand and what needs to be done next.

Basecamp doesn’t offer a free plan, but its pricing is flat at $99 per month, regardless of the number of users or projects. It might be a more expensive option for individual freelancers, but a sensible choice for those working with a team or multiple clients.

5. Time Doctor: A Dedicated Time Tracking Tool

While not a full-fledged project management tool, Time Doctor is a robust time tracking software that can be invaluable for freelancers. It’s designed to help you accurately track how much time you spend on tasks and projects, which is crucial for budgeting and billing.

Time Doctor offers detailed reports that show how much time you spent on different tasks or projects. It can also take screenshots while you’re working, which can be helpful if you need to provide proof of work to clients.

Pricing for Time Doctor starts at $7 per user per month. While it may not be a comprehensive project management solution, it pairs well with other project management tools and can be a game-changer for freelancers looking to gain better control over their time and budget.

6. Zoho Projects: A Robust Tool for Detailed Project Management

Zoho Projects is a comprehensive project management software that provides a robust set of features for freelancers. With Zoho Projects, you can manage your tasks, track your time, and keep an eye on your budget in real time.

Zoho Projects stands out for its detailed project management features. It allows you to break down your projects into manageable tasks, set up dependencies between tasks, and create Gantt charts to visualise your project timeline. Additionally, it offers time tracking capabilities, helping you to monitor exactly how much time is being spent on each task.

Furthermore, Zoho Projects offers built-in invoicing, making it easier for freelancers to bill their clients and keep track of their finances. It also provides a range of reporting and analytics tools, which can help freelancers gain insights into their work patterns and improve their efficiency.

Pricing for Zoho Projects starts from a free version, which is fairly feature-rich. However, to access advanced features such as Gantt charts and invoicing, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan, which starts at $3 per user per month.

7. Monday.com: A Collaborative Tool for Freelancers and Teams

Monday.com is a dynamic project management tool that’s ideal for freelancers collaborating with team members on projects. It is known for its highly visual and intuitive interface, which simplifies project and task management.

Monday.com allows you to create tasks, assign them to team members, and track the progress of each task in real time. It also offers a variety of views, including List view, Board view, and Timeline view, catering to different preferences.

One of the best project management features of Monday.com is its automation capability. You can set up automated workflows to save time on repetitive tasks, helping you manage your projects more efficiently. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with popular tools like Google Calendar for easy scheduling.

While Monday.com does not offer a free plan, it does provide a free trial for you to test out its features. Its paid plans start from $8 per user per month, making it a versatile and affordable option for freelancers.


From comprehensive project management solutions like ClickUp and Zoho Projects, to time tracking focused software like Time Doctor, the choice of the best tool depends largely on your specific needs as a freelancer. It’s important to assess your project management requirements, budget constraints, and personal working style before making a decision.

Most of these tools offer free trials or free plans, so it’s worth taking the time to test them out and see which one meets your needs best. Remember, the goal is to find a tool that helps you manage your projects effectively and efficiently, ensuring you meet your timelines and stay within your budgets. So, choose wisely and harness the power of these tools to succeed in your freelancing career.

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